Singltrek pod Smrkem lies behind the mountains and behind the rivers - in the fairytale landscape of the northern northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains, where you probably don't look so often. From Central and Western Bohemia, the road leads here through Liberec and Frýdlant. Only in part of Eastern Bohemia is it sometimes worth going through the Souš dam (or through Harrachov and Szklarska Poręba). From Germany you can come either via Zittau and Bogatinia or via Görlitz / Zgorzelec. From western Poland come again via Görlitz / Zgorzelec, from the rest of the country via Mirsk and Świeradów Zdrój.

Plan your trip to Singltrek pod Smrkem:

Single track under the Spruce
Swimming pool area
Plovárenská 1056
463 65 Nové Město pod Smrkem

GPS: 50 ° 55'35.668 "N, 15 ° 14'44.527" E

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463 65 Nové Město pod Smrkem


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You may be heading to places other than Singltrek Centrum. You can find the center near Kyselka HERE , the Bikecentrum Libverda can be found HERE .

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