Singltrek pod Smrkem is here for everyone who loves mountain biking, narrow trails and nature. It does not matter your condition or technical ability. On Singltrek pod Smrkem, you will choose from four levels of difficulty such trails and circuits that will suit you and from which you will return with enthusiasm, exclusion and a smile on your face.


Younger children with their parents, as well as less technically proficient cyclists, can try the Singltrek on the green marked wider trail, where they will learn or repeat the control of the bike and gain confidence on the natural surface of the trail. The trail is wide enough for cyclists to ride side by side if necessary. However, ATTENTION: The green route starts at the Singltrek center and is two-way. It is also used as a link to other circuits of the Singltrek pod Smrkem trails, and it is busy on weekends in the morning and in the afternoon.


If you can handle the green route without any problems, you should try the blue marked trail. That's where the real fun begins: swings and turns. You won't find such a good opportunity for fun riding for intermediate cyclists anywhere else. You will enjoy far more driving pleasure than on asphalt and forest roads, and at the same time you will not be surprised by unexpected and dangerous obstacles on the trail. There are no difficult ascents or descents on the blue route. The blue route will also be appreciated by bikers who want to enjoy a relaxing ride through a beautiful forest environment.


For cyclists who already have a terrain bike, so to speak, a little "in hand", or for those who already manage the blue route with an overview, there are red marked trails. It undulates the mountain slopes, allows you to play with the bike, allows you a smooth, dynamic ride and improves riding skills. Their difficulty is medium. Experienced bikers will enjoy the flow at full speed, less experienced ones will sway pleasantly on the terrain waves. The red trail can be enjoyed by both children and experienced FR and DH riders.


An experienced black-marked trail awaits experienced and skilled off-road cyclists. It's a narrow, steep slope that will test your bike control skills, but it never loses flow. It requires the rider to be assured of wheel control and maximum concentration while riding. It will not surprise you with sudden obstacles or jumps, but it will require you to react flexibly to the trail. Expect the pleasure of a physically demanding, energetic technical ride from the black trail.

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