The names of the circuits and sections of the Singltrek pod Smrkem trails are based on local names. When we came up with the names of the trails, we met with witnesses and went through the historical maps to find the names that corresponded as closely as possible to the historical nomenclature. We are in the Sudetenland, which is why German, Polish and Czech names intersect in the names.


Green route. It is the only trail that has two-way traffic. For ordinary bikers, it is good for warming up and starting. It is a good fun learning trail for beginners and children. Although it doesn't seem like it at first glance, on the way back it spills it off nicely. Watch out for footbridges! When it's wet, slow down in front of them.


Blue trail. Suitable for parents with children and less able bikers. It is a simpler type of trail that is more pedaling, but it is definitely not possible to say that it is boring. Many experienced bikers tell us that they are looking forward to it. The trail leads around Andělská hora and along the Jindřichovice ridge, which do not have as high an altitude as the surrounding hills belonging to the Smrk massif. You will drive through deciduous and coniferous forests, along footbridges around wetlands and fields of gneiss boulders.


The red circuit, which connects to the blue Hřebenáč circuit. A popular section is the downhill called "Dafydd's Joy". Here we made one of the exceptions and named the section after our teacher, pioneering trail designer Dafydd Davis. When Dafydd saw the terrain through the planning, he was ecstatically happy. It is a pleasant longer descent, when your bike starts without you expecting it from the trail to such an extent. The descent in Obora is "redeemed" by climbing a trail in serpentines. When you connect Hřebenáč with Obora, a full ride awaits you.

Rapický okruh

The Rapický Circuit is a "roundabout" in the center of the Singltrek pod Smrkem network, located on the slopes of Rapická Hora on both sides of the state border. It consists of a serpentine climb on the Polish side and a short descent to the border stream, on the Czech side then a steeper exit is followed by a dynamic descent to the Lomnický bridge and a swinging traverse back to the state border. Most cyclists will not cross the Rapic Circuit as a whole, but will either turn onto the Nad Czerniawą trails or ascend the Asphalt Traverse to climb Streit's picture. Only when they return will they pass the rest of the Rapic circuit.

Asfaltový traverz

Asfaltový traverz consists of three sections of a forest asphalt road. Its first section, the Asphalt Agony, is so far the longest and most challenging climb on Singltrek pod Smrkem. But don't despair. The downhill runs you get thanks to overcoming it are really worth it. Use the other two sections, Funeral Path and Copper Path, if you want to skip the Circuit Around Copper.

Libverdská strana

The red trails of the Libverdská strana are part of the oldest circuit of the Singltrek built in 2009. Most of the Libverdská strana consists of a long (really long) dynamic fun descent, which many consider to be the golden nail of our trails. The second part of the Libverdská side is formed by a climb, in the middle part of which you will find beautiful views of both the northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains and across the Přebytek to the Frýdlant promontory.

Ludvíkovský traverz

The red trails of the Ludvíkovský traverz will take you back to the New Town from the vicinity of Lázně Libverda. In the first period, you may not even notice that the trail is ascending - it has such a pleasant rhythm. In the second third you will feel the ascent, but look forward to it, because soon an unforgettable downhill part of the third third will come, in which you will cross Bystra Voda into the deep valley of the Lost Stream.

Novoměstská strana

The red trails of the New Town Party are formed by a fast dynamic descent above Kyselka, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, and a traverse Nad Liščí farm, which will bring you back to the Singltrek Center.

Okolo Měděnce

The black trails of the Okolo Měděnce circuit (Oukrop and Nadílka štěstí) will take you through the slopes of the hill on which most of the New Town mining activity once took place. A long fast, but sometimes relatively tight descent, beautiful views and a climb through a beautiful mature beech forest awaits you. In the Weichicht section you will drive through a dark, even mystical forest. In the Silbergündl section (yes, silver was mined here) you will fly through the gorge and then through a traverse along a steep slope above the Lost Stream.

Nad Czerniawou

Hills and nature wild almost like in Canada, so you will feel Nad Czerniawą. It almost doesn't matter if you climb or descend (don't worry - there are enough of both), because the scenery of the Czerniawski Valley and the Little Góra will add to your experience.


The path leads to the red trails on Zajęcznik by turning from the farthest point of the circuit above Nad Czerniawą. However, it is worth going here and enjoying a smooth 6 km long descent. It may hurt a little back - after all, the combination of Zajęcznik and the Nad Czerniawą circuit is a full-fledged mountain ride.

Hejnický Hřeben

It was not easy to trace the trail through the rugged rocky terrain of the Hejnice ridge, but we succeeded. Thanks to that, a dramatic black circuit leading along the rocks awaits you. It's going really fast down here! However, you can really stretch your legs.

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